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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Flowers

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Florist

Planning a wedding involves various exciting decisions, and one of them is selecting the kind of flowers that define your special day. From romantic roses to exquisite orchids, each flower plays a significant role in narrating your love story. In this guide, we will explore different types of wedding flowers to help you select blossoms that resonate with your taste and wedding theme.


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Exploring Different Types for Your Big Day

Roses: The Classic Choice

Widely known for their romantic symbolism, roses are an all-time favorite for wedding flowers. With a range of colors—from classic red and white to peach, yellow, and even bi-color—the rose offers diversity in beauty and meaning. Their hearty nature allows them to withstand all-day events, making them a practical choice for bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces.


Peonies: Plush and Romantic

Beloved for their large, plush blooms, peonies are often associated with romance and wealth. Predominantly pink, red, and white, peonies add a touch of elegance and luxury to wedding venues. Their short season from late spring to early summer often makes them a prize choice for many brides.


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Calla Lilies: Chic and Sophisticated

Calla Lilies boast a unique and chic form that packs a punch in any arrangement. These sleek and sophisticated florals are available in a rainbow of colors from the palest cream hue to vibrant tints of orange, purple, and pink. Considered a symbol of magnificent beauty, they’re perfect for a modern, minimalist wedding theme.


Hydrangeas: Volume and Versatility

Hydrangeas are indeed the voluminous beauties of the petal world. Offering more blooms per stem, they create a sense of fullness in bouquets, archways, and centerpieces. They are mainly found in pastel hues, thus serving as a perfect choice for rustic or garden-themed weddings.

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Orchids: Exotic and Stylish

Synonymous with exotic beauty, orchids bring a unique flair to wedding floral arrangements. While they are available in various colors, the classic white orchid remains the most alluring choice for wedding decor, signifying luxury and strength.


Tulips: Fresh and Vibrant

Tulips make a delightful addition to any wedding floral scheme. They’re available in a variety of vibrant shades, each representing a particular emotion—red for true love, purple for royalty, yellow for cheerful thoughts, and white for worthiness. Given their symbolism and beauty, they add a fresh, happy vibe to weddings.


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Dahlias: Bold and Dramatic

Dahlias carry a unique charm with their star-shaped blooms and bold colors. Their substantial size and symmetrical form provide a dramatic touch to any floral arrangement, making them perfect for that bold, modern wedding design.


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Lilacs: Sweet and Fragrant

The small clusters of fragrant blossoms make lilacs a sweet addition to any bridal bouquet and ceremony decor. The purple lilacs denote first love, making them a fitting choice for the occasion celebrating love’s commitment

For every floral masterpiece created, a skilled hand and a knowledgeable mind are required. Our team of experienced florists at Cancun Weddings takes immense pride in its ability to create personalised floral experiences that reflect the taste and personality of each bride. Let us be the creators of your floral dreams for your wedding day. Contact us today to begin your floral journey.

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